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How to grow your capacity to effectively respond to mental and emotional health issues in your marriage, family, work, church and community

Graham Hill
Principal of Stirling College and Theologian

Shivon Baressi
Course coordinator, lecturer and therapist

Shivon is employed as a School and Family Counsellor in the Independent Education system in Melbourne. She has a broad range of experience in working with children, adolescents and their families to support young people’s education, social and emotional development, and mental health. She provides specialised family support within her workplace in the context of youth specific mental ill-health. In addition, Shivon has worked in the Community Health sector as a Family Therapist, coming alongside cultural and linguistically diverse families with complex needs

"Mental illness is on the rise with 4 million (17.5%) Australians living with a mental health or behavioural condition."

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What People Say?

I have always had a passion to see people’s lives changed. By studying counselling with aifc, I am equipped with the tools to facilitate that change. Studying via Distance Education has made it more accessible and affordable.

Les Daly
(Diploma- Distance-based)
Aviation Fire Fighter

Many of the tutors I worked with during the time of my training had worked in the industry for many years; modelling to us strong counselling ethics and professional practice.

Vicky Robertson
(Graduate Diploma)
Family Counsellor

I chose to do the aifc course as a step toward regaining personal direction and purpose. After almost a year, I have grown so much both on a personal level and in my relationships.

Sam Wundke
(Advanced Diploma)
Professional Photographer

I’d definitely recommend aifc to any young person who is serious about their faith and wants to gain skills in helping people but is not sure what direction to take.

Kezia McGarvie
(Advanced Diploma)
Youth Camp Leader, Counsellor

Max Schneider
Manager Equip, aifc

Max Schneider is the Manager of Equip at aifc and is an experienced counsellor, trainer, writer and content developer.  He holds postgraduate qualifications in psychotherapy and counselling and has over 20 years experience in managerial roles in mental health and education, having worked for not-for-profits, government, allied health, schools and in private practice.  In addition to his role with aifc, Max works as a couple and family therapist from northwest Sydney.

See a personal transformation so you can be a positive force in helping others who are going through a crisis or those who are being affected by emotional and mental health issues

If so, you are one of many christians who are facing the challenges of being in relationship with someone who has mental health problems.

Dysfunctions of many kinds are caused by the ever increasing pressures life can bring whether they be financial, relational, work or ministry related. Allied health professionals are straining under the burden, so pressure is mounting on ordinary folk in families. Whether or not you want to become a qualified counsellor, receiving training to navigate the challenges of mental health can help you to become a positive influence in your personal relationships and communities.

"After faith issues, church leaders report the greatest need for training among their leaders was around mental health (52%)."

Are you confronted with relationship challenges in your marriage, family, work,  church and in the community around you ?
Can these challenges be attributed to mental and emotional health issues such as anxiety, depression, isolation and relationship issues ?
Are you interested in growing yourself and obtaining the skills and the confidence to effectively respond to the mental health issues around you?

Ask yourself...?

Graham Joseph Hill is the Principal of Stirling Theological College (University of Divinity) in Melbourne, Australia. His author website is Graham has planted and pastored churches and been in theological education for over twenty years. He is the author or editor of ten books including "Holding Up Half the Sky", "Hide This in Your Heart" (co-authored with Michael Frost), "Global Church", "Healing Our Broken Humanity" (co-author with Grace Ji-Sun Kim), and "Salt, Light and a City". Graham also directs

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Australian Institute of Family Counselling

RTO Number 88037

Nicholas Marks
CEO of Australian Institute of Family Counselling

Nicholas has been married to Michelle for 24 years and is a father of two young adults. Starting off his working life in a surfboard factory sweeping the floors taught him the value of hard work and not taking yourself too seriously. Nicholas has worked in public health, business and Federal Government, consulting and a number of start-up organisations. Nicholas is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and an accredited Coach, Trainer and public speaker. Nicholas is currently studying a Masters of Global Leadership at Fuller Seminary and is the host of the Counsel Culture Podcast ( Knowing God’s Grace and restoration first hand, Nicholas is passionate about people knowing Jesus Christ, seeing lives transformed, lifelong learning, creating healthy organisations, and helping people walk in their calling.

How to prioritise your own self-care so you can effectively help others during this time of social isolation



How to be more confident in knowing how to help your family, friends and community with the immediate mental stress caused by the pandemic


How to support your friends and community in the long-term with their emotional and mental health

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